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What you want from an expert is your practical, problem-solving mindset with deep technical experience.
That’s who we are.

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Intuity Consultants is a technology consulting company that assists clients in all phases of patent, copyright, and trade secret litigations including source code collection and production. Our team has a deep understanding of issues in all aspects of computer hardware, software, circuits, and computer networks. Our many years’ experience working in technology are coupled with broad knowledge supporting all phases of IP litigation.

We have worked for and against the largest companies in the tech industry and understand the technical and practical aspects achieving success in these litigations. We work hard to identify strategies that provide our clients the best and most cost-effective solutions to their litigation-related technology needs. Close collaboration with clients and members of the litigation team have proven to be the best way to meet our clients’ goals.


Intuity Consultants has substantial experience in a variety of technical areas to support you in the context of industry and patent litigation.

Technical Specialties: computer software, computer languages, computer hardware and circuits, smartphones, mobile technology, consumer electronics and IoT, databases, source code control systems, reverse engineering, network tracing/sniffing, black-box analysis, web technologies, prior art research, and expert report preparation.


Analyze source code for Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, ranging from kernel drivers, network controllers, user-facing UX software, and sensor drivers.


Analyze Assembly (multiple architectures), C, C++, C#, HTML, Java, JavaScript including NodeJS, Objective-C, Perl, Python, React, REST APIs, Tcl/Tk, Verilog, VHDL, XML.

Computer Hardware
and Circuits

Design and analyze digital and analog circuits for microprocessors and flash memory. Knowledgeable about chip fabrication and semiconductor device issues.

Smartphones and Consumer Electronics

Extensive experience with Android and iOS, on matters related to networking, DRM, mapping and geolocation, cryptography, streaming, touch screen sensors, mobile technology, camera and power-related functions, etc.

Source Code
Control Systems

Considerable experience with ClearCase, CVS, git, Perforce, RCS and SVN source code control systems.

Reverse Engineering and
Black Box Analysis

Perform network tracing of computer systems and devices as a supplement to preliminary infringement, non-infringement, and source code analyses using Wireshark or Fiddler man-in-the-middle analyses including encrypted communications.


Web server implementations, including large-scale eCommerce sites, video streaming, mail/message servers, secured appliance implementations, and social network sites.

Prior Art

Perform extensive searches of prior art in order to supplement validity and invalidity contentions. Analysis of legacy software and hardware systems can be provided.

Document Analysis
and Preparation

Expert reports, expert witness deposition preparation, pre-trial and post-trial court filings of technical nature, infringement and invalidity contention charts, claim charts, detailed source code analysis, circuit and architectural analysis, etc.